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Jamal Musiala looks like he's played 400 games - Craig Burley reacts to Bayern Munich win | ESPN FC

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  • Opublikowany 29 wrz 2022
  • ESPN FC reacts to Bayern Munich's 4-0 win vs. Bayer Leverkusen and Jamal Musiala's performance.
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Komentarze • 346

  • Lazy Fingers

    Musiala is more than an amazing footballer, overall a great kid , educated, respectful and dedicated . props to his fam and Bayern

  • Tsi Moi
    Tsi Moi  +335

    Musiala is a well behaved kid too. You don't hear any bad thing he did off the pitch. Can't wait to see what he does at the WC.

  • BoxOfOranges84

    Truth is, Musiala was a star in the making for some time now. He chose Germany over England for internationals and the English media stopped talking about him 🙄

  • Kankala
    Kankala  +118

    All the talk about Pedri, Jude, Foden, this kid is the real deal. Going to be the best player in three years time

  • Edwardo Emiliano

    Musiala really dodged a big bullet choosing Germany over English 🤣😂🤣

  • M Mehdi
    M Mehdi  +88

    Musiala is unbelievably good ! He is not a future star anymore, he is already a star

  • Kenzie D. Silvers

    The special thing I noticed about Musiala from some time ago is that he's the one who creates the most chances to get somewhere and break from unfavorable situations. Back then those chances didn't lead to goals so it was barely noticed but he's had this quality to him for as long as I've seen him with Bayern. And now that he's improved and that the team links up with him better we see a bit of that quality shine but I know there's still a lot more potential. Just today he could have had at least 5 beautiful assists but unfortunately only 2 got through. We've got to keep this kid playing with us at all cost.

  • Captainjohnnyhere

    If he was a Barcelona player or Real Madrid everyone will speak about him and he will headline every newspaper

  • B C
    B C  +84

    Musiala is a gem. We are gonna see a lot of masterclass performances from him, Pedri and Valverde for the next ten years

  • OzkidaGoat

    he is unbelievably good , future ballon dor candidate easily

  • Jascha
    Jascha  +92

    Him, Wirtz and Moukoko are the future of German Football

  • Loftus Blake

    Musiala is a brilliant young player and just like Bellingham he turns up in big matches unlike some overrated Pr merchants

  • Abraham Miyanda

    What a player musiala world class i dont support bayern as a city fan but him mane and sane just make me watch the games what a team they are now dynamic

  • Hung Solo
    Hung Solo  +18

    Very talented, remind me of the young Modric, the way he runs, pass and positioning. Bayern and Germany should prepare to make him the key man in the next 3 years.

  • Timo Bln44

    Jamal wird eine Legende bei Bayern München

  • James Dykes

    Knew we'd bounce back. Way to go boys, Mia San Mia! Just lovely. The climb to the peak never stops with this club. Keep going lads, true fans never doubted you!

  • kenil garcia

    His game against England was amazing and as soon as Germany took him out their attacking went down

  • Cedric Whyte

    Musiala is a gem

  • King Tshilobo

    Can’t get over the fact that he was once a Chelsea player

  • Senate Shakya

    Lothar Matthäus: